Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Early Game Strategy Guide

Strategy Guide for Early Game


Easiest early game strategy i have found so far is with:

  • Vanguard plus xenoplague.

Hero traits

  • Skilled diplomacy.
  • Sharpshooter.
  • Data repository.

Skilled diplomacy helps you buy more of those influence purchasable settlements and landmarks before the AI does, so that is very important.

Combat Strategy

So the key combat strategy that kicks ass is basically this:

First blur cloud your hero with your pug, then snipe from a distance with the hero, and hold everything else back in a line on over watch.

Once your hero has sniped an enemy, that usually triggers them to attack, as they do, you keep backing off one square and pick them off or overwatch if your hit odds are low – (often enemy units with low hit odds are easier to hit when they try to move)

GET electromagnetic utilization tech ASAP and once you start equipping your hero and infantry with rail accelerators and electric bullets you will notice a VAST improvement in your army quite early in the game

Also get alpha strain inception tech and equip xenoplague parasites on your units as well.

Another key tech is nanite support… that nanite support station is awesome, and the combat assist system gets concussed units moving again.

With this army and strategy, you can take on most sites and have a good chance of avoiding casualties.

For those harder to crack sites, you want the tech rapid mobility and deploy Valkyrie… deploy Valkyrie is another seriously fantastic operation.

One last tip… i usually go for explosive payloads tech before i start researching the unit tech tree…. explosive payloads is kind of mid game tech but once you start equipping fire burst, that is pretty much the final army you will ever need…. no need for tier 2 to tier five units at all.

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