Crystal Project – LP Grinding Tip

LP Grinding

Things You Need:

  • Access to the ‘Shoudu Market’ home point (between the port and the Sky Arena).
  • The ‘Hunter’s Mark’ skill from Hunter, on someone with high Agility (or Speed? whatever makes you take turns first).
  • A way to do 1400 physical damage on turn 1 (can be split among multiple characters) (Warrior has some good tools and can be subslotted, Assassin makes it trivial but needs main slot).
  • (Optional but helpful) Awake Rings for the characters using the above skills.

The Strat:

A short walk south of the mentioned home point leads you to an area that has three flames that try to run away from you (no matter their threat level). These flames lead to a fight with a Dry Kid enemy. This enemy has a high evasion rate, will start the fight by using one of a handful of non-damaging Monster Magic skills, and their second turn will be used to escape.

Use Hunter’s Mark to make sure your physical attacks hit, then bash its mushroom cap in. Every kill gets you 60 LXP (up to 90 for inexperienced jobs). One of the Monster Magic skills it can use is Sleep Aura, which is why Awake Rings are suggested. Once you fight all three flames (or they run away), use any shrine stone to teleport away, then head back to the home point and start the cycle again.

Other Notes:

  • The Dry Kid also drops 7 silver and an Ether, but zero EXP.

I hope this helps someone!

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