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Fast Travel Guide

In Crystal Project, your primary means of fast travel involves using a Home Point Crystal to teleport to a floating cube-shaped crystal that’s set as your Home Point, of which your designated Home Point can be adjusted to any one of these crystals. However, there is another means of fast travel via one-use shards and multi-use stones linked to specific Shrines throughout the game world.

Gaea Shrine

The first shrine that your party will usually encounter, it is the only shrine located within actual civilization in the land of Sequoia, within Capital Sequoia itself. The price for the multi-use grey-colored stone to warp to this shrine is 2 silver.

Mercury Shrine

This shrine is located on a mountainside that borders the regions of the Spawning Meadows to the west, Delende to the north, Seaside Cliffs to the east, and Beaurior Volcano to the south. It is possible for your party to discover this shrine before reaching Capital Sequoia, the most obvious path involving a climb starting from the western entrance of the Seaside Cliffs, remaining as far west as possible until you are able to scale the mountainside where the shrine lies. The price for the multi-use bronze-colored stone to warp to this shrine is 10 silver.

Poseidon Shrine

Located near the source of the Salmon River, up above the cabin where Salmon are being raised by a group of bears to participate in an activity known as the Salmon Run. The easiest way to reach the shrine is to participate in the Salmon Run at least once, in which you are rewarded with a Poseidon Shard regardless of your placement that can be used to teleport to the shrine above. The price for the multi-use sapphire stone to warp to this shrine is 15 silver.

Mars Shrine

Resting in the midwestern section of the Poko Poko Desert, this shrine is strangely broken down and abandoned. It is very likely that your party may discover the multi-use ruby stone that whisks them to the shrine before actually finding the shrine itself. Exactly how the stone ended up so far away from Mars Shrine or the reason for the shrine’s current state is a great mystery.

Ganymede Shrine

This shrine sits upon the northwestern cliffs overlooking the farms atop Shoudu Province. Reaching the shrine usually involves jumping on fences in order to climb onto the pipes leading into the cliffs where the shrine resides. The price for the multi-use topaz stone to warp to this shrine is 1 gold.

Triton Shrine

Overlooking the strange tall wooden fence separating northwestern Tall, Tall Heights from the southwestern section, the most direct route to reaching the shrine will require bypassing the fence and proceeding further north, until your party reaches the Souvenir shop above the icy sliding floor below. From there, the party will need to climb the tree directly to the left to leap onto the western cliffs above, of which the path there eventually leads to the northernmost section of the Northern Caves. The cave network however has several exits, so it is possible to traverse deeper inside and end up unknowingly traveling past the exit where the the shrine is. The price for the multi-use teal-colored stone to warp to this shrine is 1 gold 50 silver.

Callisto Shrine

Sitting atop the southern edge of the desolate Land’s End, the shrine is at one of the highest points in the continent, and can be used as a launching point to easily travel to the lands below in any direction with a capable mount. The shrine is not maintained by anyone due to its remote location, though your party may find the multi-use obsidian stone somewhere atop the shrine itself.

Europa Shrine

Hiding beneath the northern jungle of the Jidamba Tangle, the shrine is seemingly attended by one of the only humans present on the vast jungle island, of which the shrine itself appears to be popular with the local birds. The price for the multi-use emerald stone to warp to this shrine is 2 gold.

Dione Shrine

Nestled within a cliff at the very north of the Quintar Reserve, the shrine is seemingly maintained by intelligent Quintar that use the shrine as a nursery, and will entertain human visitors capable of communicating with them. It is likely that your party may end up discovering the shrine long before you are able to communicate with the Quintar, so the multi-use stone may not be immediately available. There are several one-use Dione Shards strewn about, but in the case you run out, a certain lost and found at Capital Sequoia may have extras for you to use. The price of the multi-use fluorite stone to warp to this shrine is 4 gold.

Neptune Shrine

A small distance southwest off the coast of the Sara Sara Bazaar, the shrine rests submerged under the surface, maintained by a singular, solitary person. Prospective explorers of the deep would need to have the proper tools to reach here. Though a strange place for a shrine to be, it must serve some proper use to adventurers. The price of the multi-use amethyst stone to warp to this shrine is 4 gold.

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