Midnight Ghost Hunt – How to Kill a Red Ghost at The End Phase

Red Ghost Killing

For match itself you use flamethrower and you swap to ice gun when 60 seconds remain before midnight.

You have all four players swap their detection device (2) for lightning trap, c4, or defib and sit in corner when 60s remain. Remember c4 needs to wait until they leave furnature whereas lightning trap is going to pull them out of furnature.

Sometimes the players on your team are bad and dont go to spawn and just die in random part of the map. If this is the case, you should still attempt to get them to corner, but have sprint perk as backup. You will leave spawn and attempt to kite for all four minutes while sprinting. The ghosts cant actually catch up to you at all so they have to cut you off. On open maps you can’t die period. So in SWF you can run fun perks, but in soloQ you are trolling using anything but sprint speed.

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