SnowRunner – Tips for Trailers and Cargoes

Trailers and Cargoes

If you have a truck with a crane you can unload the blocks. Or simply remove/delete them. Best find the Garage on the first map which should also have a trailer shop nearby.

In normal game mode you can sell all trailers that are not part of a task or contract. Those you buy can also be sold for the same price. To manually unload freight you need to unpack it from the trailer first. To pack/unpack you need to have that trailer attached

To sell the trailer it must be attached to the truck and empty, then you just go like you wanted to buy the trailer and it will say sell instead of buy.

Unless you are playing Hard Mode or New Game + you can just leave the trailer (with the blocks on it) somewhere convenient and use it later when you need it. When you find the garage the trailer store is also there, and you can buy and sell trailers there. They sell for the same price as you buy them.

There are factories and warehouses on the that you get concrete blocks, steel beams etc at no cost (Unless you are playing Hard Mode or New Game +).

You can just bump the trailer on side and let it fall on the side. The cargo will unpack itself and fall off the trailer. The funny part is that cargo is indestructible. You can do whatever you like with it. You will always be able to get it back and use it. The same applies to the trailer. You can’t damage the trailer. No matter how it falls and where it falls.

You can use any trailer for other loads by unpacking the load and either throwing the load off by overturning it (and winch it back upright) or hoisting it off with a crane.

Do not however delete cargo. You can get in trouble in some maps doing that as some cargo is not unlimited.

I generally throw off or unload cargo that is not directly needed at the garage so if a mission wants a certain load i threw off there i don’t need to get at somewhere else and can just crane it onto my truck.

Do mind though that to turn loads in at mission destinations it needs to be packed ( fastened ) on truck or trailer. Else it does not register. Sometimes the mission does not require an unload ( certain trailer missions but just towing the trailer over the designated square.

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