Creativerse – Console Commands to Unlock All Costumes / Crafts

How to Unlock All Costumes / All Crafts

To speed things up now that every world is a new story, you can use the following two commands in the chat:


Owners of a world are always allowed running all these commands and cheats, if you want to grant this ability to another player, you can do so from the Player list – click on a player, click on Manage Cheats, select the cheats you want to grant to that player and save.

Pay attention that the other two cheats allow unlocking crafts and costumes for any other player, so don’t grant these to players you don’t fully trust about not abusing them:

/unlockallcraftsforplayer playerName
/unlockallcostumesforplayer playerName

All of these unlock commands may cause the game to freeze for a few seconds to handle all the “unlock” notifications that will be sent to the client by the server.

You can only unlock crafts and costumes for players which are currently online (or as above, just grant them those first two cheats and they’ll run the command themselves when they’ll be online).

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