Creativerse – Troubleshooting Guide

Official Troubleshooting Guide

Game Does Not Start at All

Validate the game installation from Steam:

  1. Right click on “Creativerse” in your Library list
  2. Select “Properties”
  3. Click on “Local Files”
  4. Click on “Verify integrity of game files”

Make sure there’s no other instance of Creativerse (or CreativerseServer) running in the Task Manager, maybe also reboot the computer, then try launching the game again.

Game Starts But the Main Screen Fails to Connect

Creativerse requires an active connection and requires Steam to be running at least in Invisible mode (won’t work in full offline mode).

Even if your computer seems to be correctly connected to the Internet, you may still try and reboot the Router (different programs connect to the Internet in different ways and talk to different servers, rebooting the Router may sort this out occasionally).

Try a different connection, preferably a decent mobile connection via USB tethering.

The Server Browser Takes a Lot of Time to Show Up

Right after launching the game, the game itself will need a bit of time to load the built-in browser which will be used to show various different new UIs – one of these is the new Server Browser.

This loading happens automatically in the background as you launch the game, so that you normally get the Server Browser to show up right away as you click on Play from the main screen.

We may end up finding a way to speed this process up but for the time being, please be patient as the Server Browser loads up.

The Server Browser Doesn’t Show Up at All

Some of the new UIs we are using rely on a built-in browser, as long as the main code of such UIs gets properly loaded, you should be able to try and refresh such UIs by using the following key combination: Control + Shift + R (or using the reload button, depicting a revolving arrow, where present)

If that combo doesn’t seem to do anything, try and restart the game.

If restarting the game doesn’t sort the problem out either, try leaving the game open and visit this URL in the browser: http://localhost:8080 – we’re leaving this debugging address active so that players can see what could be possibly going wrong with such UIs.

Can’t Migrate a World

When you migrate a world the game creates a world folder for it and starts putting there the temporary download.

If a migration fails for any reason and you try to migrate the world again, it won’t be able to complete the migration.

Check the Local tab of the Server Browser (the Play page in-game) and see if there’s a “[MIGRATE]” matching world there already, and delete it to try again.

If there’s no world by that name, the migration may have failed so early in the process that it didn’t even get to appear there, but the folder may still be there preventing the new migration from starting.

Check the CV Worlds / Backups / Templates folders and verify whether there’s one such folder there – you can check the CV Server installation folder & logs as well to see what the exact error is in the logs – and delete such a folder if necessary.

If you know for a fact that you cannot download a world from our datacenters, you can still have the world marked as “migrationallowed” (from the Migrate > My Worlds tab) and have a friend migrate the world for you.

Once they have migrated the world they can zip the corresponding world folder and hand it to you to be run on your side.

Worlds Ask for Downloading a Template Even Though I Already Downloaded It

This may happen when you launch a local world, then leave the world, which should send you back to the main screen, which in turns has had to re-load the new Server Browser UI.

This UI needs to communicate with to get the data about the templates and verify which ones have been already downloaded.

Sometimes this communication may not complete in time for the Server Browser to know that a given template is available already.

Try just refreshing the Server Browser by using the Control + Shift + R key combo or hitting the revolving arrow “Reload” button.

Trying to Launch a World from The Local Tab Nothing Happens

There could be some lingering instance preventing the world from firing up.

First of all close the game, then check the Task manager and kill any instance of Creativerse or CreativerseServer you can find, then try launching the game again and see if you can launch worlds from the Local tab.

Template Download Fails from in Game and Can’t Complete It

Templates are now hosted on – you can download templates manually from there and put the corresponding archives in the dltemplates folder, the game should see them and let you use them.

If you know for a fact that you can’t access this may prevent you from launching a world even if you managed to get a copy of the template in some other way, because the server will still try and contact to validate the file.

You can workaround this problem by using an “official” template as if it was a custom one.

Get your hands on the template you need and instead of putting it in the dltemplates folder (see following links for the exact position) you can put it in the templates folder – you also have to rename it so that’s different from the official template key and the game will not mix the two up..

This action will let the game consider this template as a custom one and the server will not try and validate it against

In detail:

  • Download the file of the template, it could have a name like this one once downloaded:
  • Put it in the templates folder
  • Rename it so that it doesn’t conflict with the original key, for example
  • Launch the game and make sure it appears in the Local section of the Templates gallery
  • Find the world folder that’s supposed to use this template (it better match the original template you really needed for this world, or you’ll end up with builds floating in the sky or buried under a mountain)
  • Edit the config_world.json file so that it uses custom-rw6 instead of 25b95767960e4810a0d896f2b4d1d3df as template key

Once you’ve performed all of those steps the game should be able to run that world without contacting at all.

Can’t Access Templates at All, Can’t Create Worlds at All, Can’t Launch Worlds at All

If your client isn’t able to access at all the client will not let you create any world at all from the Server Browser, may also not let you launch worlds either.

We’ll see if we can sort this out in a future patch, at least not to lock you out from creating worlds using custom templates or lock you out from launching them, but for now here is the workaround:

  • Follow the steps above so that you have an official template renamed and put in the custom templates folder
  • Create a new world folder with this name /worlddata/worlds/my-world-key and create an empty config_world.json file there
  • Fill the JSON with the text below making sure you adapt the template key according to how you renamed the official template above
  • If you need to change the world key also make sure to rename the folder so that folder name and world key match
  • Change the world owner Steam ID to match your real Steam ID

Once you’ve done all the above steps correctly, the world should show up in the Local tab of the Server Browser even if you are completely cut out from accessing

If the Server Browser doesn’t let you even see the Play button due to the inability to talk to, you can launch such a world using the CV Dedicated Server separately – once you have the world running like that you should be able to see it in the LAN tab (if you used a port in the 26900-26905 and 27015-27020 ranges), otherwise you can create a direct connection to it typing “localhost” or “” in the direct connection dialog (along with the right base port number)

Can’t Join Someone Else’s World

Due to the new architecture of the game, it will be possible to find servers around with incompatible game versions.

If clicking on the world you see a notice “Server version mismatch, unable to join” then you can’t do anything about that, other than maybe trying to contact the owner of such a world and tell them to update their server installation.

If you do get the Play button and you get an error after trying to join, depending on what the error reads you may need to see other troubleshooting steps (may be enough to just restart your Rourter) or the world itself may have been set up improperly by the owner (and there only the owner would be able to sort the problem out).

Unable to Interact with Anything in Some Area

Even if the worlds can now be run via the CV Dedicated Server (be it indirectly launching the world from the Local tab, or directly launching the Server separately) the limits of the client are pretty much the same as they were before.

This means that there’s just so much that the game can handle at once – if you have large amounts of interactive / active elements, such as chests, doors, signs, pets, crops, NPCs and so forth, the game may just be unable to handle the load and take a lot of time to even just load all that data from the server and make the various things work one way or another.

Check the behavior of those active / interactive elements in a brand new world, preferably a flat one with mobs disabled, and see if the problem still appears, or test in some area without any build in the world where you are having problems.

If the problems only seem to happen in a specific area of a specific world, you most likely have some kind of area overload, or some looping circuit preventing the game from loading / running that area properly.

Creativerse does not impose any building limits, and the limit at which a given server – world – client combination will start to struggle varies depending on the machine which is running the server, the load it needs to handle (say, multiple players playing at once in the same world), the settings you’re running with on the client, how powerful the computer running the client is and so forth.

This means that it’s up to the players to find a compromise between how an area looks and how well it performs.

Is It Safe to Kill The Game Client or The Game Server?

You should be able to kill any such instances at any time without any major data loss (even if you happen to kill a running server, the running server saves to disk every minute, nothing really should go lost other than the very last minute of actions).

Important: If you have a very heavy area with lots of things going on, the server may still take a while to persist – even trying every minute, if you throw too much at an area, it may take several minutes to persist.

Always better to give the server enough time to persist the changes to avoid any losses.

Ideally, you should be running the server separately, so that leaving the world from the client won’t close the server and so that you can keep eyes on the server console to know when such heavy changes have been persisted, and maybe also a backup performed, for good measure.

Then you can go on a killing spree.

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