Mortal Kombat X – 10 Wins Ranked Match Achievement / Trophy Guide

How to Get 10 Wins Ranked Match Achievement / Trophy

It’s the hardest achievement in this game in my opinion.

Some people do it with a trick: you can save back-up file, turn off Cloud, and if you lose a fight, then replace your actual save file by that saved back-up file. And so on, every fight.

More honest way – just to skip fights with opponents with too good kill/death statistics, and to spam some long range attack [LiuKang’s fireballs, Jax’s bazooka, JasqueBriggs’s machinegun, etc.]. But it’s terribly annoying. I hate when the opponents do that)…

Also, you can do it in a more honest way, but it’s not quite easy.


You should find somebody who lives very close to you [in your country or in some of the closest countries to your country]. Otherwise the random ranked search simply won’t match you and your friend together. You and your friend should belong with different Factions [that increases chances to match with your friend during ranked search]. It’s usually better to wait till the time there won’t be many people online. I usually check this by counting playes in the Online–>Rooms. You and your partner should start the ranked search simultaneously.

During the fight, I guess that it will be better if your opponent win one round, and also you don’t have any “flawless victories” in both other two rounds. After you win the match, you should press “ranked search again” button right away, and your partner should wait 1-2 seconds and then press “ranked search again” button too. You should skip any other opponents [but sometimes the game doesn’t allow you to do that, so you’ll have to fight with some random player for your winstreak savin ]. When you’ll match with your partner again, and win him, then do these steps again.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to find 2 friends who live very close to you , then your chances to match with one of them will be obviously higher 🙂 The 3rd player stops search then, and waits till your fight ends. Then all 3 of you start [almost] simultaneous search again, etc.

I got the achievement with just 1 of my friends. He lived not in my country, but near [so both of us play on European MK_X server, I guess…]. We were from different Factions. And I noticed the moment when MK_X servers crashed again, so there were only a few players online when the server started to recover after crash. Also I didn’t lose one round and I always finished with “flawless victories”, but the ranked search still kept match us together with my partner. And so on 10 times in a row.

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