Skullgirls 2nd Encore – Beginners Tips

I’ve learned some things that I find really important.

Newcomers Tips

  • Lights > Medium > Heavy

For example, light punch combos into medium punch and medium punch combos into heavy punch. “heavier moves” won’t combo into lighter moves.

  • Light kick > Medium kick > Heavy punch: Yes.
  • Light kick > Heavy kick > Medium punch: No.
  • How to combo normal moves into special moves

A special move for Annie is her uppercut and that move is: ↓, →, ↓, → punch. If I wanted to combo some normal moves into her special uppercut, i’d start inputing the special move before i’m done doing my normal moves. For example: lite punch > lite punch > med. kick (start the input here: ↓, →, ↓, →) > med. kick > heav. punch. How you’re heavy punch will be the special move because you put in the input while kicking and then pressed punch, which is the complete input for uppercut.

  • You can cancel your moves mid-air

By double tapping left or right, you’ll strafe in the air. If you input a normal move in the air and then strafe, you’ll be able to do that same normal move in the air again (even though normally you can’t click the same button in the air twice).

For example:

Jump > kick > kick

  • No.

Jump > kick > ←, ← > kick

  • Yes.

You probably already know this, but I just wanted to tell what the little stuff I know.

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