Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator – Tower Guide

Tower Guide (End-Game)

Cleared Floor 10 with this setup.

The major key takeaway for this strat is:

  1. Your main DPS can either be phys or magic. All you need is just 4 phys units (I’ll explain in a bit).
  2. The boss mechanic basically makes it immune to magic breaks (cc bar break). So you’ll need phys breakers like Corn and Marion. You’ll need another phys unit to chip away the cc bar to make sure that the boss is down before your 4th phys unit attacks it.
  3. Now this is where the main trick is. When the boss is stunned (cc break state), if it gets hit by a phys dmg, it will get inflicted with the blindness debuff, which makes it attack miss (not 100% but has high chance to miss). This will allow you to utilize rng to dodge all it’s hits.
  4. Now to do this effectively, you’ll need for the 4 phys units to have speed more than 265. Corn must be faster than Marion ideally so that Marion can use Corn’s debuff on her S2. Make sure your DPS had lowest spd.

The Idea Is:

3 core breakers + 1 phys unit hit when boss is stunned then last unit as your DPS to deal big d damage. Then have DPS deal huge dmg.

Triple Elixirs help a lot so that your magic DPS can deal a lot but other than that, you can use alternative DPS buffs if running phys DPS.

Lemme know if you guys have other useful info. This run is close as I can get to like low investment:

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