STALCRAFT – How to Beat Shaman

Tips to Beat Shaman

  • Don’t get upset, if you tried too much, take some time, breath fresh air and then come back after a few hours.
  • Don’t go to the side electrical areas, just go near Shaman and back to the “cave”, and keep doing this rout, cuz you need to pay attention in his aoe attack.
  • Use the AK from the questline, is more than enough, I’ve beat Shaman and Morgue with it a few times in multiple characters, but if you want to make it easier, just get the RPD from the bar quest.
  • Speaking about the bar, you may already know but you can respawn on bar at any time, just wheny ou die, select the respawn point at bar. When you get back you will instantly get back to Shaman fight, you will not need to do the whole quest area again.
  • As secondary bring a shotie for the mutants, or even the kalgan’s sawed off.
  • Take in mind that longer you take to put down Shaman, more mobs spawn, so you need to do it fast.
  • Take meds with you to stop bleeding, theres a few options on meds that counters it, it also helps, but its not mandatory.
  • The most important tip: the only way to do it is to not deplete his full shield, shot him up to 90%-95% of his shield, change position while reloading and then instantly keep shooting it. If you deplete his shield it will be back again before you finish reloading.
  • Always keep moving, paying attention on his aoe attack, never stop, just run and shoot, run and shoot.
  • And chill… it supposed to be very hard but its not impossible at all. as my experience goes when you beat him once it will be way easier to do it again, just relax and take your time.
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