Army Men II – Cheat Codes

We’ll show you every cheat code for the Army Men II in this tutorial. These tricks can provide you immortality, money, unique skills, things, and reputation.

You will easily pass the campaign with these codes.

How to Enter Cheat Codes

When you’re in message mode while playing the game (press Backspace), write “!when all else fails…” to activate cheat mode. Cheat! message will appear if you input this correctly.

Then, to activate the associated cheat feature, enter one of the following codes:

All Cheats

  • Vulcan gun – !a better tomorrow
  • Mines – !acme discs
  • Flak jacket – !aluminum foil
  • Armageddon – !armageddon
  • Sniper rifle – !beautiful nikita
  • End of Phoenix, etc. – !cliche ending
  • Healing – !doctor doctor
  • View FMV sequences – !fond memories
  • M80 – !fourth of july
  • Air strike – !geronimo!
  • Explosives – !gnomish inventions
  • Sniper rifle – !god of gamblers
  • Lose mission – !i give up
  • Grenades – !i have a rock
  • Flight mode – !jumpjets
  • Gray disguise – !metal sheeting
  • Enable additional fog of war – !moleman
  • Bodies not scattered or melted become zombies – !night of the walking dead
  • Stealth mode – !ninja arts
  • Bazooka – !no rocket launcher
  • Paratroopers – !paper dolls
  • Highlighted men promoted to five stars – !patton’s speach
  • Flaming Sarge – !phoenix!
  • Mine sweeper – !pooper scooper
  • Aerosol spray – !roach spray
  • Medical kit – !rubber cement
  • Magnifying glass – !ruby ray
  • Invincibility – !santini
  • Disguise – !shrink wrap
  • Disguise – !smorfs
  • Full map – !spidey senses tingling
  • Commit suicide – !suicide kings
  • Overwhelmed by enemies – !surprise party
  • New background sound – !techno
  • “Go Bruins” message – !ucla
  • Win mission – !veni vidi vinci
  • Flame thrower – !village people
  • Minimap objects blink faster – !warp 6
  • Reconnaissance flights – !watchtower in the sky
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