Age of Wonders 4 – Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

How to Enable Console

Start the AoW4 game, then use one of the following key combinations:

  • Ctrl+Alt+C
  • Ctrl+Shift+C

Once it’s open, enter the desired cheat code and hit Enter to activate it.

It is not available during games with more than one human player. The difficulty advantage for pantheon advancement is eliminated while using cheats.

Console Commands (Cheats)

allheroesAdds all offmap heroes to the recruitment pool.
barentzExplores the entire map and toggles vision over it.
coehoornBreaches the walls of the selected besieged city.
cruijffToggles infinite move points.
demonenAdds -20 alignment.
dokterwieIncreases the turn counter by 1.
eendrachtIncreases the Build the Beacons of Unity counter for Expansion Victory.
eenheidFulfills the Occupy Provinces objective for Expansion Victory.
engelenAdds +20 alignment.
freepopAdds +1 population to the selected city.
genheroGenerates a random offmap hero.
gencryptheroGenerates a random hero in crypt.
genprisonheroGenerates a random hero in prison.
hauerLevels up all heroes and units in the selected army.
heinTriggers victory.
huygensUnlocks empire development if not already unlocked and gain one level in each affinity.
iamgodToggles auto-win in auto-combat
ikbedoelallesToggles knowing all spells.
improverelationAdvance to the next allegiance level with the selected free city.
instantskillsToggles instant research.
leeuwenhoekFinishes the current research.
makeallyForms an alliance with the selected city’s empire.
makeangryAdds -100 relations for 20 turns with the selected city’s empire.
makecoopSets relation with the selected free city to Pact of Cooperation.
makehappyAdds +100 relations for 20 turns with the selected city’s empire.
makeintegratedIntegrates the selected free city.
makeloyalSets relation with the selected free city to Pact of Loyalty.
makeneutralEnds war with the selected city’s empire.
makevassalThe selected city’s empire becomes a vassal.
makewarStarts a war with the selected city’s empire (war justification balance effects apply).
martinToggles 999 hero cap.
masterskillsResearches everything.
oldenbarneveltGives 100000 imperium.
optimalprimeToggles instant spell casting.
philipsToggles instant production.
questmasterToggles quests.
rallytheliegesStarts the next Rally of the Lieges.
rembrandtGives 100000 gold and mana.
ruijterAdds one of each hero item.
spaargarenUnlocks empire development if not already unlocked.
tasmanExplores the entire map.
unexploreUnexplores the entire map.
verdoemenisIncreases the Build the Affinity Province Improvements counter for Magic Victory.
voorheesToggles infinite skill points.
warlordDeclares war on all factions.
willemTriggers defeat.
demoActivates masterskills, philips and rembrandt at the same time.
flyingdutchmanActivates cruijff, barentz and rembrandt at the same time.
defeat1Triggers defeat.
defeat2Triggers defeat.
defeat3Triggers defeat.
defeat4Triggers defeat.
defeat5Triggers defeat.
victory1Triggers victory.
victory2Triggers victory.
victory3Triggers victory.
victory4Triggers victory.
medicHeals the selected army.
switch_tmSwitches between classing and simultaneous turns.

Note: Even though Age of Wonders 4 may not be the most difficult strategy game ever created, using cheats can still significantly lessen the difficulty of combat.

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