Cassette Beasts – Cheats (Debug Console)

How to Activate Debug Console

With the following cheat, a debug console can be activated (and deactivated).


  • Hold Ctrl and type cheats


  • Hold LB + RB and press in sequence Left, Up, Right, Up, Down, Left, Down, L3

When enabled, pressing F1 on a keyboard or R3 on a gamepad will display and hide the debug console, respectively. The console gets turned off if the same cheat is entered again.

How to Unlock Custom Modes

Enter the code in one of the following methods while still on the title screen.


  • Hold Ctrl and type modes


  • Hold LB + RB and then press in sequence Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, L3

Cheat Codes

  • warp x – Returns to the cafe.
  • player_level 10 – De-leveling yourself
  • partner_level 10 – De-leveling your partner.
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  1. This cheat does not work. I have tried to hold down control and type in “cheat” and it did absolutely nothing. I think this is either fake or they just took out that feature to be honest.

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