Age of Wonders 4 – Tips for Story Mission 5 (Rise of the Godir)

How to Beat Story Mission 5

After like 8 tries, I just won it!

I went underground and played very defensively and focused on knowledge. I picked the pyroclastic boon (where enemy provinces blow up every couple of turns). At one point Turiel reached the Order countdown and I began mobilizing to pillage the closest improvement, but he paused at 12 turns remaining and I guess the invading neutral army pillaged him (didn’t have line of sight, so I dont know exactly what happened).

Then Nimue (ally) started a Nature countdown (I had my Order countdown ready to go but couldn’t once Nimue started), but after ~8 turns they failed it too.

Then I started my countdown immediately and Turiel’s forces never even reached me. It might be worth placing a defended outpost or two on the surface between the underground passage and Turiel’s domain because, like a dope, Turiel could have walked past but instead he sieged my outpost for like 5 turns with 6 stacks when I had only 5 turns left on my countdown.

Oh and make good use of those teleport improvements! put them close to your seed/heart/root. Oh and also: once I had 3 cities (all underground), I put the seed in my weakest/furthest away city, the root in the next, and the heart in my throne city. Makes it easier to deal with the scaling production cost.

Note: Forgot to mention: the first several times I tried this scenario, I intended to grind Turiel’s cities and vassals into dust, but it simply wasn’t feasible for me because his units all start out so buff and it was a constant exercise in frustration. Use your armies literally only for defending your realm and eating marauders/infestations; it’s just not worth it otherwise

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