9 Days – How to Fly

Flying is a super useful tip that is wanted among many.

How to Get the Flying

Anyways you want to go to the coastlands and talk to the girl behind the table in the castle thingy.

Then you want to go to the bunker behind the castle and kill all the drajis or whatever there called (all the monsters).

Once you’ve killed them all go back to the top and she will tell you to kill the guardian.

You can find the guardian at the guardian place beside the coasts lands.

When you in there you should look for a guy you will know your near him when you here the whispers in the air.

Don’t get to close to him cuz hell 2 shot you.

Stay far away and try not to make him see you if he does dash around so you don’t get hit he will eventually tp to another place walk around.

Just keep doing damage to him every time you see him (the way i killed him was i found a spot where i can be in the open and do damage and he doesn’t move or anything).

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