Microcosmum 2 – How to Fight a Nest

Guide to Fight a Nest

  • Satiate your cells right before entering battle.
  • Bring your workers with you. 3-4.

With your cells, focus fire down a turret if it’s near the entrance. Look for terrain to hide behind if it’s nearby so you can block spike damage. Pick up any neutral cells as soon as possible and use them as shields for your squad. If they die, prioritise reclaiming them. Use your regen squad members in the same way. If a cell gets low on health, put it in the back. This takes a little bit of micromanaging.

  • Use your workers spikes to focus fire enemy cells every time they come off cooldown.
  • Drop 2-4 turrets just ahead of your cells. They will draw fire, and act as cover once they have a few % of health. It’s hard for the enemy to destroy them.
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