Resident Evil 2 – Useful Tips and Tricks

Warning! The guide contains spoilers at the end part of it.

Tips and Tricks

  • Double tap is absolutely a rule here. If we’re talking about a place you’re planning to get back to later to get more loot, when a zombie is down and you control Leon, blast its head off. Straight up. It should clear up tight spaces.
  • The way the game works when it comes to combat is that the less you shoot, the more damage your shots will do with an increased chance to crit. Avoid shooting zombies as often as you can so that when you do shoot them, you might crit them and save ammo.
  • Zombies have a rather direct way of climbing down stairs, diving off railings. This can really work to your advantage. It empties up paths.
  • Zombie corpses are hit boxes for other zombies which means that they can trip on them.
  • Shoot a zombie in the head not until it dies but until it gets stunned. Then run past it.
  • You cannot use a knife or a grenade if you get bit from BEHIND.
  • Flash and grenades’ effectiveness is nerfed A LOT if you use them to get out of a zombie biting you. You can shoot said nades while in a zombie’s chomper to detonate them faster, though.
  • A certain type of enemy appears after you get to the 1st floor. Do not flashbang said enemy. It sends them into a frenzy.


  • Marvin is the failsafe of the Main Hall. When he dies, that place is no longer safe.
  • Certain . . . factors will appear after a certain point in the game. Said factors will tail you all throughout the first part of the game so you have to be as quiet as possible. They can hear you running, they can hear you busting doors open, they can hear when you shoot. The movement of said factors depends on how many rooms the game has loaded. The rooms the game loads are the one you are in plus 2 rooms ahead in every direction. The factors will move at 4 times their regular speed if the room they find themselves in isn’t loaded, all in order to get to where you are and will move normally when in a room that’s loaded.
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