Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – Beginners Tips

Useful Tips

I’m going to try my best at this. Tips for beginners:

  • Expect to loose, a lot. Don´t measure progress in terms of loosing/winning ratios, but in experience earned.
  • Don´t ever put money in the game unless the thing you want to buy is only available by purchase. Cards and gems can be earned just by playing.
  • Don’t fall into Casual/Pro stereotypes, play at your own skill level and have fun. If you are not having fun, let the game rest for a couple of days.
  • Take the wins with respect. No need to 10 minute combo an opponent with no cards and 50 hp.
  • Do your dailies. Build decks oriented to make dailies fast and easy, even if that means self destroying.
  • Buy cards in bulk. Secret pack last only 24 hours and if you get one you like you might not make the gems you need on time. Wait till you have 8000..8900 gems and then buy away.
  • Use the solo mode to learn, the events to farm gems and the ranked to challenge yourself.
  • Close the game with a win. Don’t go to sleep angry cause you lost. Get a win in solo if needed.
  • Avoid the forums. Yeah… I know…
  • Build slowly. Don’t expect a x60 UR deck on your first day… or week… or year.

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