Boneraiser Minions – Beginners Tips

Useful Tips

If you’re struggling with any part of the game, what I’d recommend is the following:

  • 1) Buy as many Class, Hero, and Boneraise options that you can afford. Hero powerups do NOT simply make the game harder with no reward like a lot of folks assume. Hero Lore will give you a bunch of bones and other resources to increase your own power.
  • 2) Don’t sleep on the Augur (Flagwaver for Waxen), especially Deamonic Augur, since it makes YOU move faster.
  • 3) Don’t sleep on Relics that increase your movement speed. I recommend getting at least 2 movement relics, even just one level of each. Ethereal Shoes, Aromatic Mushroom, Spring Shoes, they’re all good. Focal Flute is great if you like to Super Dash.

Samurai Tip: Be ready to Dash up or down (diagonal, whatever) when you see him disappear. I just kinda dash all the time anyway so a lot of the time I dodge him by accident.

For his throwing stars, you can either dash super far away from them or dash just before one hits you. Sometimes you’ll have to dash towards him to dodge a throwing star.

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