XCOM 2 – Early Game Tips

This is how my squads survive the early game, until they make Corporal and can actually do stuff.

Strategy Tips for Early Game

  1. Use the map. Gain elevation and use it. Get the good cover, and leapfrog to in-your-face or flank-shot death.
  2. Never take a full move into unknown territory. That is 100% how to find the next pod at a disadvantage. If the Ranger/Skirmisher makes a melee run, have a Specialist ready to cover them with that nice +20 defense if a pod does get revealed.
  3. The first pod ambush should be capable of killing them all in a prolonged fusillade. That means your 4 soldiers can see 2+ enemies, and the ambushed pod is in the open so they have to move to cover while being shot at.
  4. Bring a flashbang grenade. Temporarily nerfs the Sectoids controlling zombies and mind-controlled soldiers. Use battle scanners to reveal pods ahead of time, so Sharpshooters, Reapers, and Rocket-equipped troops can hit them at range.
  5. Don’t be pressured by the timer, if there is one. You have time. Hacking or destroying the objective on the last timed turn is still a win! Ditto for evacing a squad doing an extraction.
  6. Don’t randomly move your soldiers. Think about where you want them to go, and what you want them to do, and in which direction the next pod is likely to appear.
  7. Get the Perfect Information, Flank Preview, Peek In Concealment, True Concealment, and Gotcha! mods. You will make fewer false moves, blow concealment less often, and hit more of your shots.
  8. Build the GTS and/or Resistance Ring first! Sending squads of Rookies will get old and costly fast.Sending actual classed soldiers out to fight increases chances of success a lot!
  9. Also get Capnbub’s Accessory Pack, Resistance Fighters DLC, and Anarchy’s Children DLC. Because when your soldiers look cool they fight better, and sideboob gives +5% accuracy. This is the way.
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