Extremely Powerful Capybaras – How Does Cool Down Upgrade Work?

Cool Down Upgrade Explained

The way upgrades work is by adding on top of the initial value. So in your example, the Mighty Bowl adds 5% Cooldown Reduction for every upgrade (for a total of 15%).

This is added on top of what you gain when you get an Ability in-run (so in this case, 4% from Mighty Bowl’s level 1 + 15% = 19%).

However, the information for the how much you get based on the Ability’s level and how much you get based on the Ability’s rank are displayed separately.

The 4% you see mentioned is indeed the value the Mighty Bowl has at the start, but if you have any Ranks, they’ll be displayed when you select the Ability (the second picture), and all of those gains are already applied from the moment you pick up the Ability. So from the moment you select the Mighty Bowl on Rank 3, you’re already getting that 19%!

Oh, and that gain from Ranks doesn’t affect the Ability’s levelling progression (level 2 for Mighty Bowl still adds +4%, for a total of 23% with your Ranks). They’re basically a way of making that Ability a bit more OP from the get-go.

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