Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – How to Join Server

If you are new player and wanna play the game but dont know how to join any servers then this short guide is for you.

Guide to Join Server

Be sure to have Internet as source and click the button to load the list.

Get this, put it in the game’s folder, rename the etl.exe to et.exe (get rid of the main et.exe before doing it) then play, all servers you see should be joinable, straight forward, no more of that linking to websites etc.

You can also pick server here.

  1. Copy address and port of some server (e.g.
  2. Then launch game.
  3. Open console with ~ (button over TAB).
  4. Type connect.
  5. CTRL + V and press ENTER.
  6. press L or G to open limbo menu. Or ESC -> Limbo menu.

Note: In that particular case, make sure to try a server without PunkBuster.

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