Dune: Spice Wars – How to Resist Rebellion

Guide to Resist Rebellion


The main problem is not to minimize rebellion. It is when the rebellion happens in your Specia village and you lose your only source of specia, and you lose your game of course because of this. Because unless you have a pretty decent army to fight the rebellion, its done. This is just another incredibly badly designed mechanic that again, who cares, because the game is a total forgettable experience.

As long as you have an army you can hike or fly to the city in question and usually there is enough time. But the real problems start when you have 2-3 of them firing off simultaneously while being attacked. You can easily lose multiple cities thanks for that ability. I’d much rather see it be something akin to a raid where you have some warning, your militia can fight against the rebels and the rebels have to hike to your city. It’d still be good as an ability, but not as busted as it is right now. (unless I missed some way to defend against them)

The problem is not losing many cities.. the problem is to basically had to restart the scenary because once your only specia village is gone, you cant to anything else. Either you use the rest of your specia to buy the bribe, or you exchange it for solaris to buy another army to be able to capture again the village and IF, but even if you succeed you will be completely ruined because you cant afford the bribe anymore. There should be more options, but there is none. Just luck.

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