Withering Rooms – Chapter 2 Pre-Ending Tips

What You Need to Do Before to Start Chapter 2 Ending

The Labyrinth changes each day. You can get some good random unique rings (The bonuses/penalties are random). The Lost rings are the best I’ve seen, as they have more potential than the rare rings(though my best so far was only a rare, I can only imagine it’s stats if it was lost quality).

I got one really good rare lucky ring(I have a few different versions of lucky ring) with 50% luck/+100% perception/+3 Melee poise impact. I lose 2 poise and -12% resistance to something(forget what). It’s penalties are minimal, compared to a lot of the ones I was finding.

The torch you can find in the labyrinth seems weak just looking at it’s stats, but actually causes a lot of damage(especially when charged) fast and is a light source. Quite a few labyrinth enemies are weak to fire.

The Spear is also good (for anything that bleeds) with my rare lucky ring and crit ring so most hits are crits so I can stunlock some enemies.

If you kill the ancient king you get his heavy armor/helmet, and a discount on respecs.

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