Center Station Simulator – Useful Tips and Tricks

Here is a bunch of important hints that may help you to feel better during gameplay.

Tips and Tricks


There is an automatic backup once every 5 minutes.

So if you quit before 5 minutes have passed you can lose your progress…

Automatic cash explained

It is you have to go to the work bench and build it. Then go out it over your register. But be warned it works but it take a long time for every person to use. I could get threw a line in a minute but with the new one its about 1 to 2 minute per person to use. But still works great with not having me have to worry about it.

Prioritize products

The purchase of bottles has priorit and the rest of the sales like random fruits and vegetables. So if you put bananas but the customer wants strawberries and there aren’t any, he won’t buy anything.

Pipes recipe

It’s on the very first page at the workbench. It’s actually plastic pipes. They don’t label it very well. It’s like the fourth item I believe.

How to make concrete

You have to put water+sand in cement you get that for where you make the asphalt for your parking lot.

How to do the pistons for the engine

You need to unlock the milling machine on the computer and then manufacture it on the workshop. To use it: walk up and hit E it will turn on and it gives you more power for your bulding.

Useless coal

Once the electrical foundry is done it will no longer be useful straight away.

Solar panel washers: how to make it works

Go to workbench I think 2nd page build it then walke up to the panel and hit e. You will never have to clea that one again. You must build one for each one thought keep that in mind.

How to build first parking space

If you have asphalt then return to the game spawn and you will see a blue hologram. Aim for the hologram and you will be able to find your parking space. You simply use the E key while holding the asphalt and looking at the ground where the parking spot will be..

Tree seeds

Each tree (when harvested) provides you with at the least one pack of seeds to let you replant. Randomly, harvesting will give you 2 packs of seeds. Harvesting should keep you in “wood”.

In your game:

  • Go to the computer, go to the “store name” tab, write grainearbrebug and upload.
  • You will have a packet of seeds that will spawn.
  • You will have to wait for the next update.

Have fun!

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