Vampire Survivors – How to Reach Level 80

Gameplay Tips

Wicked Season Arcana and/or nab Crown ASAP.

Unlock curse passives and/or those passives, get crown passive to increase EXP gain, play more aggressively and kill things faster to force more spawns to kill for more exp gain.

Pentagram + Crown = Gorgeous Moon it kills enemies and gives increased EXP and works like a magnet to pull in all exp, along with crown you will be more than making up for any EXP you lost while leveling pentagram.

Plus with all luck upgrades in the shop and 3 or 4 clovers pentagram will stop eating your exp anyways, or you can just pay attention to the time and know when it’s about to go off and move away from exp on the ground.

In early game take two levels of garlic to kill weak enemies faster, play on a map with a 30 minute timer, prioritize pentagram whenever you see it, take clover or crown whenever they appear unless pentagram also appears, otherwise level whatever is helping you to current;y kill enemies.

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