Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander – Gameplay Tips

How to Play (Useful Tips)

The easiest way to play is to have at least two ships:

  • A tank that just parks a distance directly in front of the enemy and kites them backward. You can do little rotations in place to spread the damage out across the frontal armor, instead of letting the enemy drill straight through one spot. I use my giant factory ship for this. The enemy seems to prefer to chase the most expensive ship. Early game, you want at least two layers of armor and a small shield behind it. Later on, you want to keep adding layers and small shields. Never use a large shield in the front, sides only. (It can rapidly become a giant hole in your armor.)
  • Your second ship should be fast and maneuverable with high DPS. Its job is to get behind/flank and shoot the vulnerable parts. Early game you can directly target the cockpit or reactor. Mid-game, you probably want to start with the engines. Late game, you probably want to start by targeting the weapons systems that hurt you the most. (Hitting Disruptors first is usually a good bet.) Your flankers don’t have to be beasts–I was killing level 18s with some pretty small ships. I used 3 flankers with 75-150 crew each, and I overcrew my ships by a fair amount.
  • I love ions with prism turrets, they’re available relatively early, scale well as you combine them, and you don’t have to manage expendable resources. Also, you can get a LOT of firepower out of a very small hole in your armor. Enemies like targeting prisms, so shield the crap out of them, and use armor to limit the angles they can be hit from.
  • Rail guns are super easy mode, but require some tedious maneuvering and targeting. I refuse to use them for anything but popping stations.
  • Deck Cannons are extremely powerful, but I dislike designing around their downsides (stun, high ammo usage, slow shells), so I haven’t used them in career in my entire 350 hours.
  • You probably want to have a creative mode save where you can load up the enemy ships and take a look out how they’re constructed. Most of them are suboptimal (we’re supposed to win, after all), but they’re definitely good enough to learn from. They almost always have some obvious weak point that the player is supposed to exploit to begin clawing their way in to the core. (Cosmoteer just is a puzzle game with spaceships and guns.)
  • Enemy difficulty probably increases by faction in the order Fringe < Monolith < Cabal < Fringe, although that depends on your playstyle and construction.
  • Strategically, only repair one ship at a time after a battle. Keep Assists with Construction turned OFF on your ships in the best condition. You want them ready to respond to an ambush. There’s an emergency recall crew button. Don’t be afraid to hit it very early.
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