Unnamed Space Idle – Progression Tips

Useful Tips for Progression

Bulk shields are the way to go right now – with the regen delay reductions, they’ll kick into improved regen between waves, as long as your damage isn’t too far behind. You can swap them to full shield strength before bosses, and (unless it’s a beam boss) pop the shield boost once you start taking damage.

Otherwise, focus on getting your base multiplier up and hitting infinite T2 synth materials, if you haven’t yet. For getting the base number up, just set up a pure materials layout for a while to upgrade the building levels. Plop down battle components buildings for a few hours every so often as that building levels up.

For synth advancement, use a shard layout to gain salvage until you can get the synth station upgraded as far as is reasonable, and then swap to synth-focused shards. Don’t forget to boost synth speed in the reactor.

Once reactor levels are unlocked (the first upgrade on the base), you’ll want to check your max power every so often, in order to level up reactor components.

In general, you’ll want to have a shard/module/reactor layout focused on one thing at any given time – salvage, compute, power, synth, or combat. Research goes hand in hand with combat, since being stable in each additional zone gives a big multiplier.


Useful tip is that if you want to push through a boss you can do some manual tricks like switching to laser boost milestone and switching back immediately after using the buff, or taking few hits on your shield before switching to shield boost milestones use the boost and switch back. It’s not a massive advantage but sometimes its all you need.

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