Swords and Sandals Immortals – How to Beat the Game

Guide to Beat the Game

The very first thing you should think of when making a build and starting is, do you have a plan for a super strong un-pushable melee boss? Do you have a plan for a bow/gun boss? Those are the 2 concrete barriers for you to win the game, If you have a plan against a ranged bow/gun but not confident for super strong melee, then can you beat an int-based boss? Antares is a super strong INT based boss that if you are able to beat him (and plan well enough to do all dungeons) he will help you with the main boss. So spoiler, Antares will help in final fight if you do ALL dungeons before time is up.

For your plan against melee it’s generally playing keep away and/or debuffing, like exploiting fear, ice, and snare. For the plan against ranged, generally it is just constantly lunging towards melee range and exploiting rage and ice. Teleport should always be in your build.

Now that that’s settled, let’s talk about about day-usage planning. The biggest mistake I’m guessing that that many are making is sticking to a town and retrying many times to defeat a boss when they are just wasting their days. The answer: skip them….. literally nothing is stopping you from moving onto the next town, especially for the 2nd boss.

The 2nd boss is legit ultra tough if you do not have a build that will have enough str to push him off the cliff, so just move on, it’s that simple to just leave the town and move onto the next. Your mindset should be about leveling as fast as you can till your strategy kicks off rather than beating all bosses in order. That being said don’t lose days by losing fights that’s difficult, just move on. Keep note YOU MUST return to 2nd town at some point and beat him to trigger the 12 champions. The town path i like to go is clockwise, and the towns levels procedure progress well that way.

3rd/4th town is when you should buy a horse, so keep that in mind with your money. My rule of thumb is, If I lose twice to someone, I move on.

You generally only take fights that you level up with and STAY on towns that you can still level in. With that strategy you should be hitting lvl 80 with time to spare. After hitting level 70-80. Then respec your skills for adventure/dungeon/champion farming and horse riding. Buy the fastest horse you can at this point and now you can farm all the bosses you skipped. I personally use 2 observatories to delay days so I can do all dungeons and the rest to weaken final boss, you can definitely get away with just using one if you don’t plan on farming missed towns.

So to beat Antares, the last dungeon boss, you have to spec to anti magic, I believe specifically to anti-fire and necro damage, so respec to that. If your build allows for melee then i suggest it since he generally casts when in ranged. Keep in mind electricity stops him from doing skills so figure out a way to apply that effect.

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