Thronefall – Final Mission Strategy Tips

Tips to Last Mission Strategy

You don’t need to ugprade everything. There’s way too many different things to choose on the map. My strategy was to go all units flails and hunters, with the perk that increases replacement training speed in barracks. For the final mission you definitely need all of the walls you can build, and the 2 enclosing your castle need to be upgraded. I also upgraded the barracks as much as I could, but I think 2 of them weren’t maxed out. Of other things, I did upgrade big part of towers to the second level, but not really more. I found that towers in general are so much worse investement than troops. But I did get all of the possible towers, they are cheap enough.

I mostly ignored the blacksmith, got one level, not sure if I bothered with another one or it was already too late.

For eco I made a lot of houses and I had the auto-upgrade from castle level up. I made 2 harbours in the middle lake. Don’t bother making the one on the right, it’s going to be destroyed too many times.

Also make sure to get the mine as early as possible, if you can protect it.

Then during the final wave I placed 1/3 of my units on the left and 2/3 on the right, where I was myself as well. And then it was jumping around, taking the army that was with me through the southern bank to the other side of the lake for the next spawn, then back, and so on, trying to deal as much damage myself as possible.

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