The Lost Village – Divine Beast and Taoist Points Tips

Don’t understand what to do to evolve the Divine Beast or want to know how to get more points? Read below the answers.

Tips to Divine Beast and Taoist Points

Divine Beast

You cannot change your divine beast as it is bound to the location.

Can answer for cultivating your beast, dunno if you can switch.

You need items called fruits (not the ones you can grow) and then use the “Nurture” command to feed them to it. Once it reaches the 10th stage of a realm, you use the “Evolve” command to breakthrough to a new layer.

You can feed your divine beast using peaches or guzheng or similar foodstuff, that can be found in Faith store.

Once your divine beast reaches Stage X and has filled XP bar, you manually click on the “Evolve” button next to the XP bar

Taoist Points

As for getting more points to choose the kitsune/dragon at the start, earn the Taoist point achievements in a playthrough (located at the top right of the ingame screen) and those carry over to new games.

Start by doing Trial/Illusion and Dungeon X times as these are the easiest to go for.

You can also save your game progress, boost random 5 females to maximum relation with you and set each as parter for another free Taoist points – After which you can load back your game or start over or whatever

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