The Lost Village – Beginners Guide

Complete Guide for New Players

An introduction of how to set feet on this game!

Sect creation, you start with 55 points (5 of witch are on mortal body picture 1).

  • Yellow – Highly recommend picks.
  • Red- Quality of life picks.

Recommended Taoist Body

  • Phoenix uses moon blade as a weapon and specializes on having Attack and Hit Points balanced, breakthrough mainly boost Hit Points and Dodge traits.
  • Dipper uses flying sword as a weapon and specializes on having High Attack, breakthrough mainly boost Attack, Speed and Critical Rate traits.
  • Demon uses Twin blade as a main weapon and specializes on on having High Critical Damage, breakthrough boost Critical Rate traits.
  • Dragon uses Spear as a main weapon and specializes on having High Critical Rate, breakthrough boost Hit Points traits.
  • Earth uses Axe as a main weapon and specializes on having high Hit Points, breakthrough mainly boost Hit Points and Defense traits.


  • Ruthless strength +25 increase Attack and Defense +50% cultivation speed, Highly recommended trait for everyone.
  • Fundi skill +25 increase Hit rate, Dodge and HP +50% cultivation speed, recommended trait for survival + some skills uses SKLL attribute.
  • Sage wisdom +25 increase Skill Attack and Skill Defense, Burn and Healing skills mainly uses this stat.
  • Nimble +110% cultivation speed is insane, and you get an extra +20 Dodge.


  • Jiu You: Dragon Taoist body disciple 100% recommended early game, it starts with the Bat book witch summons bodies to attack and take damage for you.
  • Li Mengqin: Dipper Taoist body disciple, 100% recomended starts with QiSha Sword which has decent direct damage skill and a unique trait that summons a clone when she’s bellow 25% hp.
  • Amnesia: Dipper Taoist Body disciple, stats with QiSha Sword which has decent direct damage skills.
  • Zuo Li: Moon Taoist body, starts with summon book which combines direct damage and summoning with self-healing. Allrounder witch has unique trait for working on the Furnace.
  • Foxy: Moon Taoist body, starts with summon book which combines direct damage and summoning with self-healing. a decent Allrounder.


  • Principle 2 point for a red trait for your master witch gives you +90 mental, incredible useful specially for dangerous breakthroughs.
  • Dragon Eye +5 Dragon eye, you need those for your superior breakthrough if you don’t want to spend time unlocking the prestige store or do a middle breakthrough.
  • Golden Pill Condense Elixir I x9, you maybe want those for your second breakthrough on superior realm if you don’t to wait to get those 50year old herbs and purple Mica.
  • Skillful adds 3 random skill books to your inventory, having more skills makes your starting adventures incredibly more easy.
  • Most of the remaining ones are starting resources or raw stats for your master.

Special mention to “master” witch gives you Sword essence, isn’t a bad skillset at all but is a 1 to 1 trade for your original starting skill remember that

Saying all of that:

  • Mythic Taoist body 15 points
  • 2 disciples 20 points Jiu You and Li Mengqin
  • Ruthless 15 points

Would be a total of 50 points with 5 left for an additional disciple or experience of your choice!

Useful Tips

Tips for The Very Early Game Dungeons

  • Research the Sea Flute.
  • Go to artifacts (Z) remove the ghost flag and then add both Ghost Flag and Sea Flute.
  • Click on Assemble, Support and pick “Cure” so instead of 4hp/sec heal you have 15 hp/sec heal Torah -that’s gonna increase your survivability a lot.

How to get Dragon Eye for your first Breakthrough if you didn’t pick it as starter item

  • Research up to Faith and build the Treasure Pavilion.
  • Press X to open the Store and lick on Prestige Store.
  • If you did the tutorial Trial Tower and Sect war you should have more than enough prestige to buy multiple Dragon eye.

Ok, you did your first breakthrough now what?

Purple mansion is a great passive skill that boost your base stats. Qi Elixir you need those to recruit new disciples on the Reception. Recipe: Condense Elixir I if you want your next superior breakthrough.

  • You need to upgrade your prestige store to level 2 and do more trial tower, illusion realm, dungeons to get prestige.
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