THE FINALS – In-Game Communication

In the chaos of the arena, collaboration is the key to victory!

The ping wheelvoice chat and emotes let you align with your teammates no matter how many airborne gas canisters are currently exploding around you.

Ping Wheel

The ping wheel lets you mark locations on the map to coordinate with your teammates, whether it’s a destination to head to; a building to destroy; or a cashout station to guard.

To ping your teammates:

  1. Hover over the location or object you want to ping
  2. Hold down the ping button
  3. Select your preferred ping from the ping wheel, and release

You can respond to a teammate’s ping by bringing up the ping wheel while hovering over their ping icon.

Voice Chat

Voice chat lets you talk to your teammates using a microphone, which allows for more flexibility when aligning strategies; requesting support; and claiming bragging rights over any especially artful piles of rubble you built.

Voice chat is turned off by default; you’ll need to join by pressing the Enable Voice Chat button.

Please make sure to be supportive of your teammates in both victory and defeat – our code of conduct applies in voice chat, too.


If words alone don’t quite capture the depth of your feelings, the emote wheel lets you express yourself with a bit more flair. 

To choose which emotes are assigned to your emote wheel, see Equipping emotes to your emote wheel.

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