THE FINALS – Game Progression Guide

Unlocking New Equipment with VRs

With every match you play, you earn VRs, a currency that lets you unlock new specializations, weapons and gadgets. Your VRs are displayed at the top of the Backstage screen.

To unlock new equipment:

  1. Head to the Equipment screen from the Backstage
  2. Hover over a locked weapon, gadget or specialization
  3. Press Overview, then Unlock


As you play matches, you will also gain experience points (XP), which automatically reward you with cosmetics as you pass specific points in your career. These rewards are referred to as career rewards, and are great cosmetics you can earn simply by playing THE FINALS!

The Battle Pass

A new Battle Pass is released each season, and it is packed with rewards that you unlock by playing a season. Some of the rewards on the battle pass are free for everyone, and some require the Premium Battle Pass.

You can purchase the Premium Battle Pass in the store, or from the Battle Pass menu.


Contracts are daily, weekly and seasonal tasks that allow you to earn additional XP, helping you achieve both Battle Pass and Career rewards faster!


Multibucks is the premium currency of THE FINALS, which you can use to purchase the Premium Battle Pass; specific cosmetics like gun charms, pets and skins; or full bundles to really give your contestant a unique look! 

Multibucks can also be earned from the Premium Battle Pass.

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