The Callisto Protocol – How to Beat Platform Boss

Trying to beat him for hour, no success. Just don’t have enough ammo. How to beat? Read below!

Tips for Beating Platform Boss

One of the dumbest and boring boss fights in history.

Those who struggle without ammo, some tips:

  • I started with 3 clips of handcannon, 2 clips of tactical pistol and 6 clips of shotgun. It was not enough.
  • At the first stage spend all your pistols and shoot one of his heads, don’t miss. Not body, head
  • When it comes to shotgun, shoot the neck/upper chest (so all the pellets hit and some graze head)
  • Do not run from him, just dodge. Shot, dodge, shot, dodge, shot, dodge, reload, dodge, shot… Very Boring And Annoying, but it is what it is.
  • Between stages hit last combo part with heavy attack
  • In my case I had to hit him twice with melee. If required: position yourself between him and obstacle, dodge, obstacle won’t let you jump away, hit him and dodge immediately. With some luck he miss his counter attack. Better do it at the start.

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