Chained Echoes – Tips for Hardest Difficulty

Tips for Hardest Difficulty

When leveling, go for Active > Stats > Passive. Since you only have 3 passive slots + 2 class passives, it’s the thing you want to get last. Don’t go too crazy on actives as well, at some point you skip actives altogether and prioritize stats.

Since crystals have an inventory limit, just use them, no point hoarding unless you know what you are doing.

I never bought or upgraded gear. But money is most useful for buying the meal item. 150 heal is op throughout the game until you get strong enough to heal 200 on your own. It’s expensive but it will save your life. Ofc this only works if you explore and get the better treasure gears. Gear from town is useless.

L1 (rb) twice to escape. You can just keep resetting until you win. Also using glenn’s ult just wins you most if not all fights (especially if it’s multiple enemies).

The aoe heal is a trap. It will get you killed more than save your life. When you need heal to reduce the overdrive, it will like reduce the meter by 10% and add 30% for some reason causing you to always overheat. Never use that thing.

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