The Brew Barons – Last Boss Tips

How to Deal with the Last Boss

Shoot each jet on the side until they droop (it looks like one unit, but is actually two separate targets) and then the side panel pops off and you can destroy the internals.

If the hovercraft starts to move forward you can shoot the jets on the bottom, after you destroy each one a panel pops off and you can destroy the internals.

It seems like if the hovercraft dives before you get the panel off it repairs the jets.

After you destroy the internals on each side and the the one on the bottom a cut scene plays and the merchant blimp shows up. You can now pick up the smog shells.

After you pick up a few smog shells, dock with blimp. Now you are in control of a cannon on the blimp. Aim the cannon and shoot at the two targets on top of the hovercraft.

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