Terminator: Dark Fate – Defiance – How to Complete Cartel Mission

Tips to Complete Cartel Mission

Here are some tips, I just completed it and did as much as I could to really ruin Miguel’s day.

There are several ‘events’ you can cause that each damage the Cartel in different ways.

Clearly they aren’t supposed to be all used in one mission, but they can be.

This is a long mission that requires setup and planning.

If you save up 5000 pesos, you can purchase the Legion tank without handing over Frank, which is a big deal as it lets you trigger two events and he becomes a really strong squad after the mission.

To get that many pesos you need to win the first 3 arena fights in under 15 seconds to maximise your betting earnings.

Note that the Legion tank is only activated during the final stage of this mission when it’s all out war, but it is VERY helpful with it’s incredibly thick armour and self repair capabilities.

Northeast part of the map there is are three squads of Mover allies being held prisoner in a warehouse. If you save them – and you should, you get an RPG squad, a sniper squad and a unit of guerrillas. The latter can plant C4 charges anywhere you want and this is massive. You can instantly destroy every enemy tank and/or everything holding the prison especially if you use the supply truck north of the resistance leader/south of where you save these prisoners to give them more C4 charges.

The 4th arena fight you have a choice – if you kill it you get 3000 pesos (and an achievement), but if you still have Frank you can disable it with an EMP and hack it. If you do so, retreat your units out of the arena.

You will lose the fight, but that infected spider will make it’s way back to the Integrator camp, spreading the virus to the other vehicles and starting a battle with the Cartel.

Get Frank to the main square next to the arena and he can hack the 6 legion vehicles, which will turn hostile to all humans after a short duration.

After either of these hacking events Miguel will very quickly deduce that you are the enemy, so you have to be quick in setting these events off and then getting the truck to the rebel leader.

You have 10 minutes to get to the mayor once enough Cartel forces are defeated which is more than enough time, you dont need to rush for him or deploy a large army to defeat his guards.

When it’s all out war and you get to call in your base reinforcements there are a few things to note.

Make no mistake, this is the hard part of the mission. It’s deceptively difficult, or atleast it was for me going in blind. I won first try, but had a lot of losses.

The pilot mentions that the rest of the army will follow soon, that never happens so the units you pick are the units you have to take the city. No allies come until after the battle has been won.

Be prepared for a lot of breaching actions. The lower half of the map is dense with strong buildings loaded with enemy troops. The only really effective way of dealing with them is by launching assaults with units such as milita, infantry or shotgun soldiers.

  • The enemy gets a fairly regular trickle of reinforcing units.
  • Bringing a supply truck is a godsend.
  • You cannot bring your abrams to this battle. I do not know why.

An easy way to ‘cheese’ saving the prisoners is to use your C4 to lace the guardtowers and vehicles defending the prison. The far left guardtower is empty, so garrison it with the rebel snipers and guerrillas to clean up any surviving troops. The latter can breach the main structure and butcher the regular soldiers while the snipers kill the stragglers outside.

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