Sunrider 4: The Captain’s Return – Tips to Beat NG+ Ryuvian Puzzle Dark Room Final Battle

NG+ Ryuvian Puzzle Dark Room Final Battle Tips

Depends quite a bit on what upgrades you have. I’d still try to stack 100% shield, and normally i’d get enough for 2 disables with Lynn (specially to disable the ones that spawn on the rear), and since Asaga is the only one with laser damage, I wouldn’t be using the shield down ability a lot.

So I’d do something like this: first turn gather the team and start placing the shields, minding the momentums so i don’t have to spend a lot next turn to cancel them. Also start using neural assist and target lock. Try to land longshots with Sola and send Icari a little forward to use melee in the next turn. Also having most ryders turtled up could prevent some melee attacks.

Next turn they should by trying to go for your backline, you can start using Icari and try to chain up some melees (using gravity gun for this purpose too). Of course if you have the rest of your team in range, try to use them aswell. First drones should be cleared in turn 2 or 3.

Now when they spawn some more, as I said I’d disable the ones behind you, maybe renew my buffs and shields to prepare for the ones in front. Maybe you can use Sola to kill one of the two behind you and bring back Icari to kill the other one. If you have Asaga with kinetic machine gun upgraded, you can send her forward when they get close enough and spam some awakens (and move her around with gravity gun). Also make sure to be disabling the big ones in case some of them use awaken.

Im pretty much talking from my far memory of this fight, but sadly I don’t think i got a save file close to this battle to get a refreshed view of what i was supposed to do.

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