Resident Evil 4 – How to Beat S+ on Professional / Hardcore Mode

S+ on Professional / Hardcore Mode Advice

  • Watch a completed S+ run of the game before you attempt it yourself. You will pick up little strategies in each area that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of. I can recommend Bawkbasoup’s S+ run but there are plenty of recordings on YouTube.
  • Use headshots and leg shots to stumble enemies that are otherwise blocking your path. But don’t straight up fight unless you really need to. Take a playthrough of hardcore or professional without trying to rush it and make a note of big groups of enemies that completely block your path – that’s where you should use your grenades.
  • There are plenty of skips you can use even on a new save file. Some of them are a bit more difficult to pull off (the door clips), but others simply require the right knowledge. For example, you can skip two full towers in the castle (during the armored el gigante part) simply by shooting and grenading gate triggers from the other side. Google how to do skips and determine for yourself which ones you can actually pull off.
  • Plan your save points beforehand, if you are going for professional. Use them before sections which you personally have trouble with, and make sure you never leave yourself with a super long section to redo if you die
  • If you die, don’t hit continue. Exit out and load your save. If you hit continue, the time you spent on your failed attempt will be included in your final time. That’s going to make S+ 10x harder

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