Sunkenland – Exploits, Tricks, Tips and Things to Avoid

Tips, Tricks and Exploits

If you do not gather everything from a container (for safes this means leaving at least one item inside), save and quit and then reload the map, the container’s contents will respawn/refresh. This applies to scrap piles and even safes. If you are using this exploit, the most high value targets to look for are metal crates (Food), Safes (blueprints, broken parts), Lockers (clothing), Ammo Crates (gun parts, ammo, ammunition materials), Dressers (advanced parts, electronics, chemicals, rubber), Cop Cars (scrap, ammunition, gun parts). HIgh level islands will also have iron and copper ingots in their safes.

Low level camps

Log off while on an enemy territory and then log back in. Enemies will despawn, leaving you free to loot the territory.

High level camp

To force enemies to despawn in a high level camp, quickly log off while near an enemy. Then log back in. Enemies will respawn on about 10 seconds, but if you’re standing on a spawn point for an enemy, they will not spawn.

When crafting armor, have a full inventory. You will receive 2 pcs of the armor/weapon you crafted. You can recycle for 1/3 the resources (and the broken version) back or sell it at the trader.

Logging off and then logging back in while underwater will refresh your oxygen.

You can shoot sharks while in the water if you do so while floating on the surface and aiming your gun/crossbow where the sharks are. You can still use ranged weapons while you’re at the water’s surface and the sharks will not attack you because…

Sharks will instantly disengage if you’re on the water’s surface. Shark AI is programmed to only attack entities that are underwater. If your body is above water they will instantly stop aggro.

Logging off during an enemy raid will instantly despawn the raid. Be careful because this will also despawn the corpses if you haven’t looted them.

You can also use map geometry to make it difficult for raids to take place. Building on top of high ground such as Ferris Wheels, Sky Scrapers or building ruins makes it impossible for enemy raids to board your structures. Enemy AI is not programmed to jump over terrain. It can only jump over structures you have built.

Gameplay tricks

  1. You can get rid of a surplus of items by selling them in the trader, including Charcoal and Scrap.
  2. You can buy an ore scanner and recycle it to get circuitry and an iron ingot if you have a surplus of tradable materials.
  3. You can build bonfires at the trader (No foundations required) if you’re cold.
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