Jurassic World Evolution 2 – How to Build a Scenic Map for Dinosaurs Only

If you want to build a scenic map for dinosaurs only do as follows.

Guide to Create a Scenic Map for Dinosaurs Only


  • Choose a flat squared map (biosyn, medit. have forrest you can walk through, I would highly suggest them as maps).
  • Build two hatcheries + landing point in one corner of the map.
  • Build an aviary + hatchery somewhere close, you dont need to connect it to streets and can delete as early as you are done with avian dinosaurs.
  • Go into the land hatchery. set it to “new” on the upper left corner of the breeding screen.
  • Open the aviary, go into breeding, chose one dinosaur; don’t breed it there, just select it.
  • Go back into your land hatchery; it now should show the selected pterosaur from the avi hatchery, breed it as normal.
  • Important: flying reptiles should ALWAYS be bred and brought out by helicopter to the middle point. They like sticking around the building they get spawned from. I always set them in the middle of the map, so they can spread out.
  • For land animals: use one hatchery for fast runners (herrera, raptors, austrlovenator, etc) spawn them directly from the hatchery, for slower and bigger animals (especially sauropods) fly them to where you want them, use the other hatchery for this.
  • As soon as you have all your dinosaurs out there, delete the building.


Keep one ranger outpost (i prefer the JP og one). put it somewhere, it doesn’t need a connection to let you use helicopter or ranger cars. its a nice way to get around the map.

Other tip

While placing the dinosaurs, keep them without needs like hunger, decease, thirst, etc. activate that after you have placed all the dinosaurs. it will get messy otherwise.

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