STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor – How to Cap the FPS

If you can’t open the game or it crashes then what I’m saying here doesn’t apply but if you can get to the main menu, apply whatever settings you want to use in the options and then close the game.

Guide to Cap the FPS

That way those settings are saved and then you can navigate to and find a configuration file for the game settings and in that file is a command to limit your FPS. And why you may be interested in doing this is because for whatever reason that setting is not in the game options so essentially the game is just running at an uncapped or variable framerate by default and that can introduce more stutters and frame pacing issues. Yes you cap your FPS other ways but sometimes doing it with what is built-in to the game can work a little better. I however don’t think this game is meant to run anymore than 120 fps so, the two limits that I would set are either 60 or 120.

The config file gets created here once you load the game and your settings are saved:

  • C:\Users(your name\AppData\Local\SwGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini

Navigate down under /Script/SwGame.SwGameUserSettings

Find the line that says: FrameRateLimit=

By default it’s at 00.000000 (so unlimited) type in 60 or 120 (and yes leave it as 60.000000 or 120.000000) or whatever you prefer (I’m not sure though if other values would work well) and then save and then close the file.

This is not going to magically solve poor performance but by capping your FPS, things can sync up smoother between your GPU and monitor’s refresh rate and again why this is not an option that you can set in game, I don’t know. To me that should be a given setting that is available to change and set in any modern game.

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