SpellRogue – Cheat: How to Unlock All Artifacts

How to Unlock All Artifacts in the Vault

If you are frustrated by most of the Artifact Vault items being locked behind difficult requirements, this post shows how to unlock them with a simple text file change.

The player’s data is in this folder:

  • %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Guidelight Games\SpellRogue\

The progress file name is

  • UserProfile.json

It is a text file (in json format) which can be edited directly. Make a backup of that file first. Then open the file with notepad. Do not use word processor programs like Write, Word, etc.

For only the artifact vault items, search the file for:

"Artifact -

Example Entry:

        "achievementRef": {
          "type": "Wiz.Progression.AchievementEntry",
          "name": "Artifact - spend many dice casting countdown spell",
          "guid": "cf75accb0c3694e35bc5e7385f7bd9d6"
        "amount": 0

Change the:

"amount": 0


"amount": 1

The name of the entries are similar to the Artifact Vault’s display names, but not an exact match.

For example: “Spend 20+ Dice to cast a single Countdown Spell” is called “Artifact – spend many dice casting countdown spell”

Save the file and load up the game. The items should now be unlocked.

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