Solium Infernum – Explanation of Turn-Limit Setting

When I Set Up a Game for 30 Rounds, Why Does Not It End at 30?

The game never ends on the turnlimit selected but instead enters the final voting phase, where diplomacy gets limited (you cant become vassalised or get a vassal for example) and from there the final voting decision will be made publicly (and thus ending the game if nothing else happens) 5 turns after the announcement.

Meaning that if you select the game to last 30 turns it will actually only end at the end of turn 35/start of turn 36…but that requires that the end will come through a selection.

If for example someone manages to conquer the pandamonium at the end of turn 35 and become the usurper, the end doesnt end and instead another 5 turn final countdown will start, to see if the conquering player can keep the city for 5 turns and thus win as a usurper, or if someone can take the city from him before that…triggering a new game-ending countdown.

So basicly: Its not set in stone how long the game will last, since its heavly dependent if any of the victory conditions are triggered or not.

If a player is lucky and gets a titan early from the bazaar it is possible that the game will end before turn 10, because he wins as a usurper and conqueres pandamonium, but it can also go into round 50, even though the end-countdown starts at round 30 already, in case the stuff happens that I mentioned before.

The turn-limit is rather a indication how long the game should last instead of giving you a definite number how long it will be. But if no Usurper conqueres Pandamonium you can remember for yourself, that the game should end 5 turns after the turncount that you select at the start of the game.

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