Slice & Dice – Quick Unfair Streak Guide

Unfair Streak Guide

Choosing Curses

  • Try to choose curses that are countered by the same actions.
  • Try to choose curses that spread out their effects (easier early vs easier late game).
  • Avoid curses that have a reasonably medium chance of screwing you over (Anything that touches Monster Rights due to boss summons, anything that touches Graves, Reflective).
  • Avoid Fear, Curse of Vowels, and most of the things that give monsters shields.
  • Remember, most fights take 2-4 turns, most bosses 3-6. Most runs have 50-80 turns total over 20 fights.

Playing the Game (this is 75% of the skill)

  • Damage is the best stat. Mana is more flexible damage.
  • Carefully consider whether to reroll a dice or not. The second or third best face is often plenty.
  • Blocking an enemy blocks for a turn, killing an enemy blocks them forever.
  • Block isn’t for saving HP or extending fights, block is for mitigating bad enemy rolls.
  • Carefully plot which enemies to kill.

Choosing Heroes

  • Consistency is better than really high power on one side. Always consider the average expected power.
  • Keywords that let you double, triple, or otherwise multiply other benefits are excellent.
  • Damage is king. The most important damage number is 4. You can get to 4 with boosts as well. 4 damage pain is better than 3 damage flat.
  • Remember fights are short, see above. You don’t need 8 turns of growth if you win turn 2.
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