Shadows of Forbidden Gods – Dark Empire Tips

Here you can find alot of tips that might help you to prepare Dark Empire.

Tips for Dark Empire

Dark Empire really requires you to understand a lot of what’s going on in the game. You can easily screw yourself with stuff like Malign Catch in your future backyard messing with the sanity of your own rulers, which cripples an otherwise good city.

So imo, DE is something you need to actively plan to do, otherwise it’s not going to end well.

I personally use witch covens if I want to get one.

Make a prophet for the coven, station them in the coven spamming influence on repeat and get arbormancy, temple building, plague curing (if you do plagues) and the awareness decay thing. Those are all kind of passive things you do, in the meanwhile use your agents to rob rulers away from the future Empire, corrupt one of the witches and dump your gold into her.

Use her to micro-preach and temple build, after enshadowing key cities.

Try getting holy sites corrupted as well, pop dark worship and the ward removal. When you got enough of an income gain for the coven for it to just do its thing autonomously, you can discard the agent witch after dumping all her gold into the coven itself. Keep getting that money though, since it’ll cripple your enemies, while boosting the coven.

And that’s just preparations. It’ll still be easy to dispatch the Empire, if you haven’t crippled the neighbors. Also the Chosen One will hyperfocus on it, if that’s the only thing you’re doing, so gotta do stuff across the map as well.

But if done correctly, it can be a powerhouse.

Note: Those are all non-god specific things, strategy might change due to powers available… but imo Vinerva is the best for Dark Empires, just purely due to her grove abilities – requires some micro to make the best of it though.

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