OXENFREE II: Lost Signals – Take Care of Athena Achievement Tips

It took me 4 playthroughs to get the Take Care of Athena achievement, so I am going to say exactly what I did so no one has to suffer like I did…

Tips to Get Take Care of Athena Achievement


If you are too kind to him, he will refuse to enter the portal.

If you are mean to him, he will refuse to even get on the boat.

What I did was be civil during the first half of the game, told him nothing about my personal life. I lied about my mom, my dad and why I left Camena. When he said “Can I ask a stupid question?” I said “No” – that way he isn’t unhappy when you turn down his offer of friendship. I said that I didn’t see his sculpture. I didn’t tell him I was pregnant.

I let every single other conversation just fade without a reply except for a single one on the boat: When he says about wishing he was known for creating something rather than fixing things I replied that “Creation is overrated”

After doing all that he offered to walk into the portal as soon as Alex said it needed closed from the inside.

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