Shadows of Doubt – How to Get Missing Information

If you need to find someone but all you know is his phone number, job title, salary, and fingerprint – read below few helpful tips.

Tips to Get More Info About Someone

There’s a box in every buildings power room, usually covered by a laser camera. You can pick it and then see incoming and outgoing calls for the building.

What you want to do is call them from a location you can access that router box, and then look for that outgoing call in said box’s outgoing list. It would be the latest call but they’re all timestamped to help ID which call you’re looking for. It’ll tell you the building that received the call.

To get the exact address; you need to repeat the steps to access the receiving buildings router box and look for the incoming call you made, again time stamped.

Getting the information from the receiving building will give you the exact address that took the call.

Hope that helps!

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